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o   Carbonist 4008, Carbonist 4007pgs, and Carbonist 4004 brand carbon emitters

o    The main refractory products of Insertec are;

- Cuarsil series acidic furnace linings for cast iron and ductile iron
- Insetag series neutral furnace linings for steel, steel alloys, and stainless steel castings

- Insegun 82 EF - Coil primer plaster
- Inseplast 70 P - Furnace mouth material
- Inseplast 70 PF – Furnace repair material
- Inseloc and Bereloc series fire concretes for transfer crucibles
- Furnace body and inductor refractories for automatic casting furnaces
- Melting, holding, dosing furnaces for aluminum casting, and various shaped and amorphous refractory materials for these furnaces
- Various refractories for copper, brass, bronze castings

o    Chromite sand

o    Ceramic grit

o    Some basics such as ferrosilis, 

o    Micanites

o    Developed by ILT Plasma Technologies    

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