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Mermer Yüzey

Insertec is an international refractory and industrial furnace manufacturer, established in the Basque Country of Spain in 1980, with investments in eight countries of the world and a representative and distribution network in many countries of the world. The firm has more than 250 employees. In addition to refractory and furnace production, the company also has a mine in Guadalajara, Spain, where they extract the quartz mineral they use in their refractory production.


Major products:

  • Acidic lining materials for gray/ductile iron castings (Cuarsil series products)

  • Neutral/spinel lining materials for steel castings (Insetag series products)

  • Coil primer plaster (Insegun 82 EF)

  • Hob body plastic repair material (Inseplast 70 PF)

  • Cooktop plastic material (Inseplast 70 P)

  • Transfer pot concrete (Inseloc series concretes)

  • Self compacting transfer crucible concrete (Bereloc series concretes)

  • Cast iron/ductile iron holding furnace refractories

  • Various aluminum industry refractories


Dalmia OCL India is the company of Dalmia Bharat Group, which was established in 1939, and continues its activities in the refractory business line. Dalmia Bharat Group is among the oldest and most respected establishments in India, with its 82-year history and its position in the cement, sugar, and energy sectors as well as refractory. Dalmia OCL has six operating facilities, four in India, one in Germany and one in China.


Major products:

  • Continuous casting refractories (crucible intermediate tubes, stoppers, tundish dipping nozzles, tundish inner nozzles, etc.)

  • Ladle slide plates

  • crucible gas blowing bricks

  • Silica bricks for coke ovens and blast furnaces

  • Crucible and eaf bricks

  • ebt bricks

  • Torpedo car bricks

  • Silica and magnesite bricks for the glass industry


Refracta was established in 1940 in Valencia, Spain, and has passionately placed R&D studies especially for the cement industry at the heart of all its activities, offering results that cannot be encountered in any other way in the market and protected by international patents and very high performance shaped and amorphous is a company that is the market leader in the invention, development, and production of refractory products. As of today, the company has been awarded the Comunidad Valenciana (Valencia Autonomous Region) company that exports to the largest number of countries by exporting to more than 80 countries.  


Major products:

  • Kiln outlet mouth brick (R2000)

  • Kiln lower transition zone brick (R2000 Super)

  • Furnace upper transition zone brick (R2000 Plus)

  • Kiln calcination zone bricks (Andalux, Kamal)

  • Cast fire concrete (PF 97 H)

  • Chemically bonded cast fire concrete (R 25)

  • Shotcrete (Azor 10)

  • Flame tube concrete (FC 98) 


Schwerter Profile, which was founded in 1745 and continued its activities for centuries under the management of various families and later industrial groups, produces special steel profiles with hot rolling and cold drawing techniques, and continues to produce special profiles with hot extrusion technique.    


Major products:

  • Forklift lift profiles

  • Wide variety of profiles for the machine building industry

  • Profiles for architectural facade applications

  • Profiles for railways

  • Profiles for the defense industry

  • Door hinge profiles for the automotive industry

  • Precast concrete pipe profiles

  • Highway safety barrier connection profiles


Founded in 1984 in Codogno, Italy Cuscinetti to Rulli SRL(CR)is a bearing company that manufactures cylindrical roller bearings and exports more than 70% of their production.


Major products:

  • Cylindrical roller back-up bearings for straightening lines

  • Rolling rolls shoulder bearings (multi-row, cylindrical roller)

  • Handling industry bearings

  • Combi bearings


Comesa, part of the Oric Spa Industrial Group, has been in Bologna, Italy, for over 30 years with custom-coated work rolls, intermediate rolls, and backing rolls for the cassettes of straightening, slitting and cut-to-length lines for the steel, stainless steel, and aluminum industries. is a machine manufacturing company that is the supplier of oem  of the leading line manufacturers in Europe and the world, with its knowledge in processing and heat treatment of chromed or sandblasted steel.


Major products:

  • Hot plate straightening lines work and support rollers

  • Cold plate straightening lines work and support rollers

  • Work and intermediate rollers for straightening and tensioned straightening lines

  • Coil and flat sheet straightening rollers

  • Roller renewals

  • Cassette refreshes

  • Straightening rollers for long products such as pipes, profiles, etc.

  • Rollers for calendering and bending lines

  • Shafts for roll form lines and slitting lines

  • Mandrels


is a manufacturer of technical and industrial ceramics, especially wear-resistant ceramic coating products, which produces by isostatic press, mechanical press, extrusion, injection molding or casting techniques using very high purity ceramic raw materials (such as 99.7% Al2O3) established in Ljubljana, Slovenia. is a company.


Major products:

  • Wear resistant coatings, elbows, pipes

  • Wide range of technical and industrial ceramics

  • Ceramic tubes and insulators used in the production of thermocouples

  • Ceramics for the paper industry

  • Heat exchanger elements (ceramic balcony-type filters, catalyst support balls)

  • Anchor components for industrial furnaces

  • Mill linings and grinders

  • Various ceramic molds, spades, and frames for brick production

  • Welding and sandblasting nozzles

  • Ceramic gasket and pistons

  • Spark plugs for burner systems

  • Wear-resistant ceramics for the wire and textile industry

  • Copper core electrodes and insulators

  • Wide variety of tools made of hard steel and alloy steel


SIG, which was established in Milan, Italy in 1928 to produce various rubber products, started its modern textile and steel carcass conveyor and elevator belt production in 1968. Today, the company is the only belt factory in Italy and is one of the leading companies in the world.

is the OEM supplier of elevator and conveyor line manufacturers.


Major products:

  • Conveyor belts with standard / high temperature resistance / high abrasion resistance / fire and flame resistance / oil resistant / steel cord, textile cord, or aramid etc.

  • Standard or high temperature resistant elevator belts

  • pipe tapes


Founded in partnership with Insertec, Loramendi, and Technalia, ILT Plasma Technologies is a company that enables the liquid metal to reach the desired casting temperature just before casting, within a very narrow temperature band of +/- 5 degrees, through electrodes that can be positioned as close to the casting point of the liquid metal as possible. It offers a heating system based on the principle of plasma arc formation.


Major products:

  • Plasma heating systems for tundish applications

  • Plasma heating systems for pressure crucible applications

  • Plasma heating systems for runner applications

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