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Established in 2002 as a limited company, Istanbul Metalurji A.Ş., since its establishment, has been operating in various industries for foundries,  induction furnace steelworks, continuous casting plants, cement plants, aluminum and other non-ferrous casting industries, and glass production refractory materials;

…acidic and neutral furnace linings, ladle concretes, coil lining plaster, plastic repair materials and complementary refractories for foundries, as well as carbon emitters, some ferro alloys, chromite sand, ceramic sand, micanite, and various consumables;

…import and sale of various materials such as back-up bearings and rollers for steel service centres, special steel profiles and combi bearings for the handling, machinery manufacturing, etc. sectors, shoulder bearings for rolling mills, elevator and conveyor belts, wear-resistant ceramic coatings, etc.;

In addition to consumables, it provides representation services in the design, manufacture and commissioning of equipment such as radial fans, aluminum melting / holding / heat treatment / dosing furnaces, plasma heating systems for foundries.

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